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Polestar Precept -The near future of automotive

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Polestar Precept
The near future of automotive

Polestar Precept is not a conventional concept car. It’s the embodiment of our ambitions for design, technology and sustainability. A vision that will lead to Polestar 5, our electric performance 4-door GT, set to be launched in 2024.

Not a concept car, but a statement car

The automotive industry is facing pressing questions about design and environmental impact. Precept aims to answer these questions, showing our commitment to sustainable and engaging electric mobility.

The next step in Polestar’s evolution

Precept is both ambitious and logical. The next step for Polestar, not a leap. It combines sustainable materials that can already be produced, technology that is under development, and a design language that is futuristic yet realistic. We’ve borrowed from tomorrow. Not fifty years from now.

Intentional innovation

We can’t afford to waste time on sci-fi flights of fancy. Precept defines and displays potential solutions to the real-world challenges that lie before us. It questions conventions without indulging in daydreams.